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Houston Texans Injury News: Kevin Johnson Broke His Foot Against Colts

Are we now talking about two season-ending injuries in the Texans’ secondary?

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Less than an hour ago, the news broke that K.J. Dillon would be lost for the season with a torn ACL. I feared for our secondary, but that was apparently only the start of the bad news today.

Isn't that just our luck?

Last night, starting in place of Kareem Jackson, Kevin Johnson helped the Texans' defense limit Andrew Luck to his lowest passing total in a game so far this season. K-Jo was crucial in coverage against T.Y. Hilton and Philip Dorsett.

Johnson played with a fractured foot last season before undergoing surgery after the season ended, so no word yet on how long this will keep him out or if it’ll end his 2016 season, though Wilson reports the team fears this is a season-ending development. The idea of a Texans player potentially having to have surgery to a body part that he just had surgery on sounds eerily familiar, doesn’t it?

Regardless, this is a huge blow to the Texans’ secondary as Johnson has been our most consistent corner so far. With Johnathan Joseph and Kareem Jackson far from certain to play next week in Denver, Houston’s secondary is awfully thin. Expect to see a whole lot more of Charles James at CB, I guess.

Rick Smith is going to be working overtime to find some defensive backs to patch these holes. Let’s hope he manages to pull something out of the bag.


UPDATE II (18/10/2016):