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Countdown To Monday Night Football: Texans-Broncos

There’ll be a reunion of sorts tonight. How happy it is remains to be seen. Discuss your expectations inside.

Houston Texans v Denver Broncos
We’re going to do this again tonight at their place. Please win. Pretty please.
Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The NFL schedulers love to manufacture drama. If they didn’t, this non-division game between two teams who don’t have a long history of bad blood would have been held on Sunday afternoon, watched only by the teams’ respective fan bases. But a few years ago, Bill O’Brien’s men went up to Denver to face John Fox’s men in a preseason game, and drama ensued.

The most recent episode of As the NFL Turns aired this offseason when Brock Osweiler, feeling frustrated with being yanked for Peyton Manning when he was stinking up the joint, and feeling undervalued when John Elway (the world’s only bipedal horse) failed to show him the money as soon as he felt he deserved. We, the devoted Texans fans, are just along for the ride.

That ride continues this evening when Bill O’Brien faces his predecessor in the Houston Texans Head Coaching seat in the form of Gary Kubiak (O’Brien will face the first head coach of the Texans later this season when we head to Lambeau Field to face Dom Capers’ defense and some dude named Aaron Rodgers). Among the gloriously messy end of the Kubiak regime in Houston, the success of the Kubiak regime in Denver, the question marks both teams have under center, and the match-up of two offensive masterminds, the talking heads at ESPN will have a lot to discuss tonight (I shall watch on mute).

We’re going to get talking early, right here, right now. This is where we rehash old stories, dream up new fan fiction scenes, and predict how good or bad our Texans will play tonight, under the lights, on national TV (grab some rabbits and start rubbing their feet, y’all). Countdown to kickoff is here.

This thread will promptly close 15 minutes before the 1st quarter starts. Inactives will post as soon as they’re available.