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2016 NFL Power Rankings Round-Up (Week 8): Texans Plummet After Embarrassing Loss to Broncos

Well that sucked, I guess.

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The Texans have a 4-3 record and sole possession of first place in the AFC South, but the franchise might as well be in a free fall based on the musings from the national sports media this morning. In short, nobody likes Brock Osweiler anymore. The Texans’ quarterback situation has been so shockingly woeful this year – and arguably worse than the Brian Hoyer era, believe it or not – that even the name "Scott Mitchell" has been tossed around while talking about Osweiler’s pay-to-production ratio in 2016. If that doesn’t describe how bleak the future looks right now, nothing will.



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The Texans have been held without an offensive touchdown twice this season. They have nine offensive touchdowns on the year, fewest in the NFL. If they can't find the end zone against the Lions in Week 8 -- who rank in the bottom five in defensive efficiency -- Houston will have a problem.



If you like 5-yard ins and none-yard outs, this Texans offense is for you! Much hand-wringing going on in Houston regarding a certain quarterback's contract. Remember, the Texans are not on the hook for the entire $72 million that keeps getting tossed around. Also, it's only Week 8. The offensive line didn't fare well, lost a starter, and Lamar Miller was playing hurt. There's more going on with this team than just bad quarterback play.

Bleacher Report



Brock Osweiler is a $72 million backup. There's no sugarcoating his Monday Night Football performance. It held his entire team back from an otherwise solid performance in Week 7.

Put Osweiler's terrible 131-yard passing night out of your mind, if you can. Houston ran the ball with more efficiency than any Broncos opponent this season. The Texans bottled up Denver's passing game. And it was only 14-9 before an Alfred Blue fumble interrupted a chance to make it even closer.

Now I'm curious: Does Bill O'Brien have the guts to sit his starting quarterback and play reserve Tom Savage? The Pittsburgh/Rutgers product looked like Houston's best preseason passer. And anything would represent an upgrade over Mr. I-Can't-Hold-The-Football.

Fox Sports



If the Texans weren’t already regretting giving Brock Osweiler $36 million in the next two years, Monday night’s debacle should create cause for concern. His performance was historically bad, averaging just 3.2 yards per attempt on 41 throws. There’s no possible way the Texans can win with outings like that, even against lesser teams. He has to improve.

USA Today



Well say this much for Brock Osweiler -- he continues to consistently feed into the on-field success of the Denver Broncos.

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One person must be happy with Brock Osweiler’s struggles: Scott Mitchell. We’re close to replacing Mitchell’s name with Osweiler’s when we talk about the worst free-agent contract for a quarterback in NFL history. If nothing else, it seems like Osweiler made a mistake leaving a comfortable situation in Denver.

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They are not getting good enough play from Brock Osweiler. The road hasn't been kind to the Texans.





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