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Battle Red Blog On The Radio: Previewing Texans-Lions

Matt Weston of Battle Red Blog went on Pride of Detroit's First Byte Podcast and Detroit Lions Radio to talk about Sunday's Texans-Lions game.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Hello there. It's me again. This week I gave my voice to the internet to talk about this Sunday's Texans-Lions game, not once, not twice, but well, actually twice.

The first was on Detroit Lions Radio, a podcast created by Nick Kostora and Brandon Alisoglu. We talked about, to paraphrase Nick,  what has made this team successful on the ground, the issues surrounding quarterback Brock Osweiler, and what the Texans need to do to get him on track. We also gave predictions. If you want to listen to this fine episode, which you really should, look out below.

If you don't like embedded players, here is the direct link.

SB Nation has a site for every team. How cool is that!?!!! Because of that, I went on the Detroit Lions SB Nation's site, Pride of Detroit. We talked about the players the Texans will be missing, Brock Osweiler's troubles, and why the Texans' defense may be exploitable. We also gave predictions there. If you want to listen to this one as well, which you really should do, check out this link for this hot track or this link.

There you have it. These are your two options if you want an audible, BFD-less, BRB version of a Texans-Lions preview.

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