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2016 Houston Texans Game Day Live: Texans v. Lions (First Quarter)

The Houston Texans look to remain undefeated at home this afternoon. Talk about what's happening on the field as it transpires in Battle Red Blog's live open game thread for Texans-Lions.

Oh, sweet Glover.  Sweet, sweet Glover.  What could have been.
Oh, sweet Glover. Sweet, sweet Glover. What could have been.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After today's game against the Detroit Lions, your Houston Texans (and their fans) get a week off. I'm guessing the conversations over that week--really, the next two weeks--will vary greatly depending on the outcome of this afternoon's Week Eight clash.

Should the Texans win, they're 5-3 at the halfway mark of the regular season. Things have been far from perfect, but they'd be atop the division and on pace for double-digit wins as they get a chance to regroup and recover.

Should the Texans lose to the Lions today, the Texans' record would drop to 4-4, putting them in a tie for the division lead with the Titans (and potentially the Colts, should Andrew Luck & Co. defeat the Chiefs this week). Such an outcome will certainly lead to mass wailing, gnashing of teeth, and beating of breasts, with Brock Osweiler and Bill O'Brien the likely targets of said hysteria.

Quite a dichotomy, ain't it? I can hardly wait to see which path the 2016 Houston Texans choose.

/pounds trusty tumbler full of Bushmills

This is your first open thread for the Texans' Week Eight contest with the Detroit Lions. Share your observations, thoughts, and musings about all things Houston, Texan, and/or Lion in real time in the Comments below.

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NOTE II: Due to the fast-paced nature of these threads, there will be no warnings before bans on game day. If a moderator deems a comment or user to be problematic, he or she will remove that person from the discussion for the good of the collective game day experience. If you're on the wrong side of the law today and want your posting privileges reinstated, please send an e-mail to one of us tomorrow.

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