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Report: Andre Johnson Will Retire Today

Yet another of the best players to ever don a Houston Texans uniform will reportedly call it a career today. Texans fans reminisce and react on Battle Red Blog.

Thank you, 'Dre.
Thank you, 'Dre.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like Arian Foster started a trend, at least as it pertains to all-time great Houston Texans. Andre Johnson will apparently announce that he is retiring from the NFL today.

Although 'Dre's career with the Texans didn't exactly come to a tidy end, there's no denying what he meant to this franchise and to this fan base. He's on a very short list of undeniably great players to wear a Texans uniform.  For many, many years, Andre Johnson WAS the Houston Texans.

Some may argue that 'Dre's decision to sign contracts with the Colts and then the Titans somehow diminished what he accomplished in twelve seasons with the Texans; I'd respectfully disagree.  Instead, let's take this opportunity to celebrate what #80 did in steel blue, battle red, and liberty white.

If you want to reminisce about precisely how amazing Andre Johnson was with the Texans, I urge you to read this piece by MDC, which was written after the team's historic 2011 season came to an end.

Thanks for the memories, 'Dre.  It was a privilege getting to cheer for you for more than a decade.