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Capture Your Houston Texans Fandom On Video For SB Nation

SB Nation is heading to Houston this weekend, and they want footage of real Texans fans talking about their team. Here's how to get on camera.

This dude should show up.
This dude should show up.
Scott Halleran/Getty Images

SB Nation is coming to Houston this weekend to film for their new series, "Bragging Rights." They've asked your friendly neighborhood Texans fan site to get the word out that they're looking for Texans fans to appear on camera to answer questions and react to photos about their favorite team.

Here's what you need to know:

WHAT: Filming Houston Texans fans for "Bragging Rights."
DATES: Saturday, October 8th and Sunday, October 9th.
TIME: 10 a.m. CDT to 12 p.m. CDT.
WHERE: The Owl (2221 W. Alabama, Houston, TX 77098).
WHY: To capture forevermore the extent of your Texans fandom so that future generations of Texans fans know their lineage. Also, to drink, since it's at a bar.

The only requirement is that you're cool with being on camera and passionate about the Texans. Whether you want to talk about the pain of the David Carr years, the glory of 80 for 80, or exactly how much you loathe the Titans, the idea is to capture the fanaticism of Texans fans.

Anyone interested?

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