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Thursday Night Football Live: Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens

Join BRB as we enjoy Browns’ eternal struggle to win football games.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Browns are a unique dish on the NFL’s menu. Not the most aesthetically pleasing (orange and brown are two colours that should never be meshed), or the best arranged:

There is something just woeful about the Browns. In the same year that the city’s NBA and MLB teams ascended to dizzying heights, it would only be apt that the football team is currently on track for a winless season. To be a Browns supporter is to suffer. It’s not getting any better for them either, as they face the division-leading Ravens tonight. What’s more interesting is the fact it is almost been a year since this happened:

May it forever live on in our memories. This will be your open thread for Thursday Night Football. Enjoy.