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BRB On The Radio: "Down By The Bank" Podcast

This week Matt Weston talked to Corey, one of the hosts of the "Down By The Bank" podcast, to discuss this Sunday's game.

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Earlier this week, I talked to Corey of the "Down By The Bank" podcast to spill out my brains and give my feelings and words on the Texans-Jagaurs game this week. We talked about my Brock Osweiler thoughts, what's contributed to the Texans' 5-3 record, if the Jaguars could win on Sunday, how the Texans have managed without J.J. Watt, the Texans' fans and media perception of the follicle regurgitations (thanks for that one, UT) from Jacksonville, and what scares me about the Raguars.

Here is the iTunes link.

Here is the Soundcloud link.

If these 18 minutes entice you enough, and you want to listen to more of  "Down By The Bank," subscribe to their show on iTunes and follow them on Twitter here.

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