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Countdown To Kickoff: Texans at Jaguars

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The eyes of Texans fans will be on the Jaguars (and their pools and tarps). Join in.

Detroit Lions v Houston Texans
We need this little combination to work out today. Come out of the bye week strong.
Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

Shad Khan is an incredibly patient owner. Like, Browns level patient. He’s watched Gus Bradley lead his team to a 14-42 record and has yet to publicly announce that his coaching seat is on fire. Today, the Texans head into the Jaguars’ stadium, hoping to take advantage of that patience and walk away the victor this afternoon.

The Jags have, at times, posed issues for the Texans. In 2013, that bog standard team managed to defeat the Texans twice, with the second loss being Gary Kubiak’s final game in Houston. This season, however, the Jags appear to be a good team to come back from the bye against. Blake Bortles continues to struggle (though he struggles for a lot less money than Brock Osweiler is struggling for), and the Texans’ defense should be able to complicate the situation for the third-year QB.

What do you expect to see today? Will Bortles bortle it up? How many INTs will Bortles and Osweiler combine for? Is this a game that will be dominated by the defenses? Or will Osweiler finally put together four good quarters and make us proud?

This is your Countdown to Kickoff. Chill here until 15 minutes before the first quarter, when the first quarter thread will publish. Inactives will post around 10:30 am. CST.