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2016 AFC Playoff Picture: Week Eleven

Yes, we are in fact talking about playoffs. Playoffs? Playoffs. Find out which teams are seeded where on Battle Red Blog.

Houston Texans v Denver Broncos
This time, the Texans would get to run out of their own tunnel.
Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

With ten weeks in the books, I reckon we’re far enough into the 2016 NFL regular season that conjecture about playoff seeds isn’t entirely premature. To that end, here’s a link to the current NFL playoff picture.

Note that your 6-3 Houston Texans are currently the third seed in the AFC, which would mean they’d host the second/”worse” of the two AFC wild card teams if the season ended today. As we enter Week 11, that would mean Gary Kubiak would bring the Broncos to NRG Stadium for a wild card showdown—and a rematch of Week 7’s Monday Night Football contest—against the Texans on either Saturday, January 7th or Sunday, January 8th.

Here’s a question for you. Assume with me that the Texans do in fact win the AFC South and remain the third seed in the AFC. Which possible AFC wild card team do you believe would be the best option for the Texans in terms of Houston advancing to the divisional round? How about the worst option? Let it fly in the Comments.