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2016 NFL Power Rankings Round-Up (Week 11): Texans Worse After A Win?

Bill O'Brien still can't seem to get his own offense going, but at least he's got a 6-3 record to show for it.

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Despite the Texans getting their first road win of the season against the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars, the somewhat unconvincing nature of their win caused them to be moved down, in some cases multiple spots, by a handful of rankers this week. Perhaps that was because Brock Osweiler threw for fewer than 100 yards on 27 attempts, resulting in a troubling 3.67 yards per attempt. Had Osweiler done that against nearly any other team in the NFL, Houston could very well have been embarrassed.  That could be the basis for thinking less of a team that improved to 6-3 than you did when they were 5-3, I suppose.

The Texans still have a firm grasp on the AFC South for now, though the Titans and Colts are far from out of the race.  Significant improvement from Osweiler would go a long way toward lessening the possibility of heartbreak come January.



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The Texans finally won a road game -- albeit against the Jaguars. The Texans scored 24 points after scoring a combined 22 in their first three road games. They'll need to continue that mojo, as three of their next four are on the road.



The Texans held on in Jacksonville, staying ahead of the Titans (5-5) in the AFC South while maintaining a perfect division record (3-0). Brock Osweiler's stat line once again invoked groans: 14 for 27, 99 yards and two touchdowns. Getting two scoring tosses is always nice, but 99 yards on that many attempts? Horrific. The defense did its part, shutting down the Jacksonville run game and making the Jags' offense one-dimensional (otherwise known as Blake Bortles garbage time -- he's darn-near branded it). Will Houston's defense and Lamar Miller be enough to take the division? The Texans visit the Titans on New Year's.

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Brock Osweiler threw nine straight incompletions at one point in Week 10. His team still won. That's how overwhelming this Texans defense was against an even worse Blake Bortles. It's the reason Houston has a lead in the AFC South. Consider this: Bill O'Brien's team was third-to-last in turnover differential this season. But after a bye week, Kareem Jackson made a statement interception—a 42-yard pick-six on Jacksonville's first drive that told everyone watching who the dominant team was. Osweiler didn't need to be dominant. He could rely on that brand of defense and a running game (181 total yards) to carry him to a sixth win.

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The Texans won Sunday’s game against the Jaguars with Brock Osweiler throwing for only 99 yards. They’ve been fortunate to have an easy schedule in a soft division, which is part of the reason they’re 6-3. Given their record, it’s hard to not give them some credit, though.

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Unimpressive as it was, they notched first road win Sunday. Fat chance they make it two in a row given they're unlikely to keep pace with Raiders.

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Honestly, I don’t know how the Texans keep winning. And, if they don’t collapse against the AFC South opponents, 3-4 down the stretch should win them the division. They’re in great shape as far as tiebreakers go, and I’m not sure anyone in the South is going to get to 10 wins.

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It wasn't pretty at Jacksonville, and it has to be better on offense. But they found a way.





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