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Sunday Night Football Live: Packers at Washington

Join us here at BRB for to get annoyed at the awful SNF opening song, listen to Al Michaels and professional PFF shill Cris Collinsworth, and, of course, watch more football.

Can't you just hear the sad Price Is Right music playing?
Can't you just hear the sad Price Is Right music playing?
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Your Texans-less football Sunday concludes with a match-up that nobody really asked for but the NFL gave to us anyway.  The Packers aren't their usual selves and look downright mortal this year, the [WASHINGTON PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM], well, honestly, I don't know how they're doing because I just don't care enough about that team to notice.  I don't care much about the Packers either, but I know more about them because everyone won't stop talking about how out of sorts they look.

In the meantime, have you seen that one commercial where Clay Matthews slithers like a snake out from under a pile of Texans players and then says, "He's the best?"  I can't help thinking that using the Texans there wasn't accidental; mostly because I like to think that Clay Matthews has a massive inferiority complex against one Justin James Watt.  So in that context, he has to tell himself he's the best because nobody else will...because he so clearly is not the best.

Okay, I think I've filled up enough space talking about this game.  Let's kick this pig.

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