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2016 Thanksgiving Day Football: Pittsburgh v. Indianapolis

It’s desert time for this Thanksgiving Day football feast.

Baltimore Ravens v Indianapolis Colts
I got the moves like Tolzien.
Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Eat enough to want to die? Check.

Get sleepy enough to where I could sleep forever? Check.

Wake up in a haze, unknown of where I am, kind of like when Joe Walsh got hammered drunk and woke up on an airplane? Check.

Today has been perfect and beautiful and exactly how I want Thanksgiving to be and I hope your’s was the same. The football has been fun too. The last game left is Pittsburgh v. Indianapolis, a very important game, it’s a shame Scott Tolzein is going to ruin it.

Anyways, have fun watching the game if you choose to watch it with us. Just remember the standard commenting rules apply.