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Sunday Night Football Live: Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos

Cap off your Sunday football watching with a clash of potential AFC West playoff teams.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, have you gone 38 minutes without thinking about Gary Kubiak and Wade Phillips?  Are you itching to get your fix of the team that Brock Osweiler came from and hear about how terrible a deal the Texans got for him?  Looking forward to hearing Al Michaels Mike Tirico and Cris Collinsworth slobber all over the Horse-Faced One (no, not Peyton Manning, the original Horse-Faced One) because he's John E. Coyote Elway, Super Genius?  Oh and lest we forget the human canker sore that is Bob Costas; he'll be there too.

Then don't friggin' sweat it, folks, because you're about to get all of those things and the most irritating fan chant possibly in the entire western hemisphere when the Kansas City Chiefs (remember when we beat them?  Good times!) face the Denver Broncos.

I'll be watching (muting the opening, of course) with a glass of Icelandic tree liquor.  You should too.  But you have to get your own tree liquor.

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