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2016 NFL Power Rankings Round-Up (Week 13): Texans In Free Fall

Four turnovers at home to a sub-.500 football team is probably not a great way to stay on top of a divisional playoff race. Who knew?

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Tackling in the end zone does little good when the receiver hangs onto the ball.
Tackling in the end zone does little good when the receiver hangs onto the ball.
Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Yikes. After an ugly, entirely preventable loss at home to the Chargers last Sunday,, your Houston Texans have predictably taken a sharp dive in most major power rankings this week. Confidence in Brock Osweiler as the savior of this franchise has sunk to a seemingly all-time low, while mental mistakes on defense continue to provide crippling big plays to opposing offenses. In short, very little is going Houston’s way right now. If the Texans continue to play like this during the home stretch of the regular season, it would not at all be surprising to see them drop out of the playoff race entirely.

With that nugget of positivity, here's what the power rankings picture looks like heading into Week Thirteen.



Last Week


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Three qualified quarterbacks have thrown more interceptions than touchdowns this season: Case Keenum (lost his job), Ryan Fitzpatrick (fighting for his job) and Brock Osweiler (doesn't seem to be in much danger of losing his job). The host Packers await in Week 13.



At this point, no one is sure whether to take the Texans seriously or not. Houston is, without question, the weakest division leader in the NFL. In fairness, this is the first time this season that the Texans have dropped consecutive games. The Week 11 loss to the Raiders was certainly questionable, from an officiating standpoint. Still, the running game is uneven ( Lamar Miller has averaged 3.8 yards per carry or less six times this season), and it is increasingly clear the huge investment in Brock Osweiler was just a huge investment. Not a fruitful one.

Bleacher Report



At this point, the Texans will take a not-godawful performance out of Brock Osweiler. Anything short of a stinker might've saved Houston's hopes in Week 12. Instead, the man once tabbed to lead Houston's offense fully into the next era tossed two horrific interceptions (and one on a Hail Mary attempt at the end).

The offensive issues start at quarterback, but they don't end there. Lamar Miller had nowhere to run (57 yards on 19 carries) against San Diego's front and fumbled. His line couldn't contain Joey Bosa whatsoever. It's no wonder Houston's lead in the AFC South has nearly evaporated. It can't put points up.

Fox Sports



Brock Osweiler is a huge reason the Texans have struggled so much lately, showing little confidence in his arm and a significant lack of comfort with Houston’s offense. The Texans’ defense is playing well, but unless Osweiler can get on the same page as DeAndre Hopkins and connect with Will Fuller on deep passes, the offense will continue to sputter.

USA Today



Where have you gone, Brian Hoyer? Brock Osweiler has cracked 90 QB rating once in 11 starts. Hoyer did it three times in five starts for Bears.

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I don’t believe the Texans will bench Brock Osweiler this season. What will be interesting is if they admit a mistake and acquire a new starter next offseason. Like, say, Tony Romo. Houston is only married to Osweiler for two seasons – though they are married to him next season, even if it’s as an $18 million backup.

CBS Sports (Prisco)



They are in first place, but they hardly look like a first-place team. Two consecutive losses has them reeling heading to Green Bay.





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