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Will The Clock Strike Midnight For Brock Osweiler This Season?

One analyst answers the question in the negative but believes the Texans are foolish to handle the situation like that.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Houston Texans
This is what 79% of the people want.
Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Based on the results of this poll, an overwhelming number of Texans fans believe the team should make a change at quarterback. That group includes Rivers McCown, who wrote this piece for VICE Sports yesterday; it’s fittingly titled “The Clock Has Struck Midnight On Brock Osweiler.” An excerpt:

The Texans, though, still have a season to save. At 6-5, a half-game up on the Titans, they are still somehow in a driver's seat to make the playoffs. But to do so, they have to admit that a sunk cost is a sunk cost. Osweiler hasn't gotten any better and won't be getting any better. Managing him has just left the Houston offense hoping that defenses forget to cover the tight end in the middle of the field, whether it's C.J. Fiedorowicz or Ryan Griffin.

So, as they did when they reached out for Osweiler, it's time to embrace the unknown. It's time to come full-circle to 2014. It's time to start Tom Savage.

Although Rivers argues that the Texans should turn to their backup quarterback, he also makes clear that he doesn’t believe Bill O’Brien will actually do it. Take a minute and go read the article. Then, riddle me this: Barring injury, do you believe there is anything Osweiler could do to get demoted by Bill O’Brien this season? Or will the Texans ride with Osweiler under center no matter how poorly he plays over the remaining five games of the regular season?