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Bleach Social: What Are You Doing On Sunday, Texans Fans?

With their beloved squad off this weekend, Texans fans reveal how they’ll be spending their free Sunday.

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There’s no Texans game on Sunday. As much time and emotional energy as we put into following this team, it’s pretty nice to have a weekend off, isn’t it? You don’t have to schedule your day around a three to four hour block. You are the master of your domain. You might not even watch football on Sunday. If you do, it’ll surely be less taxing (unless you’ve got money riding on a game, in which case you may be a wee bit revved up).

In this space each week during the season, I ask you what your plans are for the Texans game. Today, I ask you what you’ll be doing instead of watching the Texans on Sunday. Will you still be tuned in to the NFL? If not, what are you going to do on what should be a gorgeous fall day? Enlighten the crowd with your plans in the Comments.