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2016 Houston Texans At The Bye: How Many More Games Will The Texans Win?

Find out what Texans fans think about the team's win-loss prospects for the second half of the 2016 season now that the first eight games of the year are in the rear view mirror.

A.J. Bouye wants you to say it to his face.
A.J. Bouye wants you to say it to his face.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

About two months ago, this intrepid crew of Houston Texans fans called their shot on the Texans' 2016 regular season record. Much of said crew was given the opportunity to revise that prediction at the bye; some stuck to their guns, while others lowered expectations. Now it's time for you to PUT YOUR NAME ON IT.

With eight (8) games down in the 2016 NFL regular season, your Houston Texans are 5-3. Assuming my math is correct, that means they have eight more regular season games left. Their remaining schedule looks like this:

Sunday, November 13th: @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Monday, November 21st: @ Oakland Raiders (Monday Night Football in Mexico City)
Sunday, November 27th: San Diego Chargers
Sunday, December 4th: @ Green Bay Packers
Sunday, December 11th: @ Indianapolis Colts
Sunday, December 18th: Jacksonville Jaguars
Saturday, December 24th: Cincinnati Bengals
Sunday, January 1st: @ Tennessee Titans

That breaks down into five (5) road games and a total of four (4) divisional games. With that in mind, how many more games do you believe the Texans will win during the 2016 regular season? Cast your ballot in the poll (the final season record appears in parentheses next to each choice) and then explain your reasoning in the Comments below.

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