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Countdown To Kickoff: Texans-Colts

We’re headed to the Oil Can and the AFC South is in play. Countdown to kickoff inside with us!

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans
Maybe the Ninja won’t be so friendly the next time they meet up?
Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

So the Texans’ recent run of horrible play has seen us fall back to the rest of the AFC South in terms of winning the division. That means this afternoon’s game against the Colts is super-dee-duper important in terms of who wins the division and gets to lose in the first round of the playoffs.

This game will pit Brock Osweiler’s abysmal offense against the Colts’ abysmal defense, and Andrew Luck’s not-awesome offense against our pretty d@mn good defense. I’d like to think this game will be a defensive juggernaut (it goes without saying it’s going to be an ugly game because all Texans games are ugly right now, and every game in the Oil Can is soulless and awful to watch).

What about you? How do you think the offense will perform? Do you think the offense will perform, or will it sh!t the bed in the red zone as usual? How do you expect the defenses to matchup? This is your Countdown to Kickoff. Chill here until the first quarter thread opens up at 11:45 CT. Inactives will post around 10:30 a.m.