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Should The Texans Pursue Michael Floyd?

The Cardinals released the 2012 first round draft pick today. With all the injuries the Texans have had at wide receiver, should they try to add Michael Floyd to the roster?

NFL: New York Jets at Arizona Cardinals
Should the Texans be after him?
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This bit of news just came down via Twitter:

Michael Floyd wasn’t setting the world on fire this season, but the timing of his release would seem to indicate that the decision had more to do with Floyd’s arrest for DUI two days ago.

Normally, I’d err on the side of believing the Texans would pass on a player with this kind of off-the-field issue, particularly at this late stage of the season, but the reality is that the Texans’ wide receiving corps has been decimated by injury. With Jaelen Strong and Braxton Miller sent to IR in the last few days, the Texans’ current WR depth chart consists of DeAndre Hopkins/Will Fuller/Keith Mumphery/Wendall Williams.

That’s not exactly above reproach. The Texans could certainly use a veteran hand there.

In light of those slim pickings, do you think the Texans should be putting in a claim on waivers for Floyd? Or should they seek help at WR elsewhere?

UPDATE (12/15/16): It don’t matter no more.