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Three and Out: Useless Predictions for Jaguars-Texans

See how the BRB staff predicts the Houston Texans’ Week 15 divisional tilt against the Jacksonville Jaguars at NRG Stadium.

NFL: Houston Texans at Minnesota Vikings
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If the Texans want to make that last game in Tennessee meaningless - which should be their number one motivation right now - it all starts with Sunday’s game against Jacksonville, and hopefully a Tennessee loss in Kansas City.

Let’s see how the BRB staff sees Battle Red Day going for the Texans...

Tim: Texans 24, Jaguars 17.

Once again, the Texans' defense will haunt Blake Bortles, forcing him into two turnovers; I feel like a fumble on a strip-sack and a pick are in the offing. Offensively, we'll be treated to a Will Fuller touchdown--for real this time--and a heavy dose of Alfred Blue, who will contribute a touchdown of his own. Brock Osweiler will also start a new streak of games without an interception thrown. Should be a nice little Sunday afternoon.

Chris HDH: Texans 19, Jaguars 10.

The Texans of course will have trouble moving the ball but I just cannot imagine a scenario where the Jaguars put enough points on the board against Houston’s defense. I feel like if the Jaguars are going to win this game, they are either going to have to get points from their defense, or at least get turnovers that start them in the red zone. Texans win a snoozer and set up a huge game on Christmas Eve against the Bengals.

Mike Bullock: Texans 27, Jaguars 19.

During the first half, Houston looks like a dominating force in the AFC finally, mainly due to Jacksonville's woes.

The home crowd gets into this one, making it easier for Romeo Crennel's defense to shut down Blake Bortles early, but the Texans’ offensive struggles let the Jags back into the game late.

Texans hang on to continue their streak of divisional dominance.

Capt. Ron: Texans 12, Jags 9.

Both teams have good defenses. Both teams have bad offenses. Field goal competition it is!

Matt Weston: Texans 20, Jaguars 17.

The Texans can't beat anyone by more than eight points. This offense keeps any opposing team in it. The Jaguars have a good defense. It's going to be a competition between one team running the ball for nothing and one team throwing a lot of incompletions, each hoping for the other to make a mistake to put their stinky offense into scoring position. Houston will make less mistakes and hold on.

Luke Beggs: Texans 20, Jaguars 13.

Seasons don't fear the reaper, and I don't fear the AFC South. The Texans’ offense will be as toothless as it's pretty much been all season. The saving grace will be the fact Blake Bortles is as incompetent, if not more so, than our own QB, and our defense can spend most of their day making Bortles’ existence on a football field nothing more than a chore.

BattleRedCoat: Texans 19, Jaguars 9.

Blake Bortles is especially bad against the Texans if recent history is anything to go by. I see him continuing his pick-six streak, and that will be the only touchdown of a very boring game. Another four field goals for Nick Novak as we continue to stall in the red zone and the Jags manage three from long distance. If you like touchdowns, don't watch this game. If you like passing offense, really don't watch this game.

kdentify: Texans 21, Jaguars 6.

The Texans are not a good team, but they aren't the Jags, FFS, so this game will be more lopsided than it really should be. The quarterbacks on display this afternoon are enough to make you take up drinking, but Gus Bradley is a worse head coach than Bill O'Brien (since Jeff Fisher got canned, Bradley is probably the worst head coach currently in the NFL), so even our head coach's WTF moments will not cost us a victory against this hopeless team. This will be a game where our defense can control the game and overcome the suck that is our offense.

bfMFd: Texans 20, Jaguars 10.

The Texans beat bad football teams. It’s what we do. The Jaguars are a lot like the Texans by many metrics: good defense with a horrendous offense. However, I think the metrics don’t quite properly reflect how well the Texans’ defense has been playing of late. Both teams get a defensive touchdown, and the game is never really close even by 20-10 standards.

Not surprisingly, the Hive feels the Texans will pull out a dull win. Fine by me. I’ll take it. Please use the comments below to give your own projection for Sunday’s game, and above all else to those of you going on vacation - enjoy!