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Countdown To Kickoff: Texans-Jaguars

We’re welcoming the Glitter Kitties into NRG this afternoon. We have red, white and blue glitter to celebrate. Join us.

NFL: Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars
Please don’t be the sh.ttier QB today. Against Bortles I don’t think I could handle you being worse.
Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

At 7-6, the Texans are atop the AFC South as they welcome the lowly Jaguars into the house the energy industry built. On paper, this should be a victory for the Texans, but we know that Bill O’Brien likes to keep things interesting with abnormal clock management, unexpected playcalls, and abysmal quarterbacking so, erm, who knows how this will end?

This is where we sit around before the game and discuss which team has the worse quarterback situation now and throughout our short histories, where we discuss the patience of team owners, and which fanbase has had it worse. This is also where we discuss our food prep for the game, our liquor situation (Apple flavored beer might be consumed if this game goes south, Sunday or not), and what we think we shall be treated to seeing in today’s game (I admit that I expect to ask my television, “Why TF did you throw that to that guy?” several times today).

This is your Countdown to Kickoff. Chill here until the first quarter thread opens up 15 minutes before the game. Inactives will post around 80 minutes before game time.