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2016 Week 15 Infographic: Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Texans come face to face with jungle’s fiercest creature.

The jungle was damp, dark and dangerous. It was a creature all its own. Death lurked around every corner.

The Houston Texans delve deep into the jungle today in search of the all-important AFC South crown. But the Texans will have to surpass man-eating beasts at every turn.

The Texans already avoided being bucked off by the Colts and dealt an early blow to the Titans. Houston is now looking for a killing blow against the Jaguars. Houston looked all over the jungle for the Jaguars.

The Texans cut through vegetation and trekked down long trails. Then the sound came. It was out place. It sounded like a house cat. But why was it out in the jungle? The Texans were drawn to it.

The Texans turned the corner, and there it was. A baby jaguar. Houston was told countless times that the Jaguar was a killer. In reality it was toothless — and the Texans moved on to find the Titans.

Here is this week’s graphic: