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Who Will Be The Texans’ Starting Quarterback Against The Bengals?

After all, Bill O’Brien didn’t say one way or the other yesterday.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans
Not him, right?
Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

I’m not saying this should be a legitimate question after yesterday’s game. I’m simply saying it could be in Bill O’Brien’s mind. O’Brien did decline to declare Tom Savage the Texans’ new starting quarterback immediately after the win over the Jaguars.

That doesn’t mean Savage won’t be the starter against the Bengals on Saturday night; it’s far more likely that O’Brien wants to (1) watch the tape before making any public pronouncements and/or (2) speak with Osweiler and Savage privately before disclosing anything to the media. For what it’s worth, Ian Rapoport (who has broken Texans news before, indicating a likely source or two in the organization) believes Savage is the guy:

Bill O’Brien will meet with the media this afternoon. The question of who Houston’s starting quarterback is will surely come up. Let’s see if we get an answer today.

UPDATE: Bill O'Brien has announced who'll be starting for the Texans at QB against the Bengals.

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