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Battle Red Balls - Texans v. Packers

Predicting which Texans will stand out when they take on the Packers in Lambeau on Sunday.

NFL: Houston Texans at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time again! Time to hand off some battle red balls in a preview of who the Battle Red Bloggers feel are going to be the outstanding offensive and defensive performers for this weekends game against the Cheeseheads of Wisconsin.

Before the season started, this game was circled on the calendar for one reason - J.J. Watt getting to play at Lambeau Field. Now that J.J. is on the shelf, the show must go on without him.

The Green Bay Packers are similar to Houston this season in that they aren’t playing up to their potential. The difference is that their superstar, Aaron Rodgers, is healthy and ready to go on Sunday.

Diehard Chris:

Offense - Can I pass on this? Ugh, it's just so damn depressing. I'll go with Duane Brown. He struggled a bit against Joey Bosa, but if there is one single offensive player on the Texans this season that you can put your faith in to have a solid to plus effort, it's Duane Brown.

Defense - I'll go with A.J. Bouye. There figures to be a LOT of fireworks in this game, particularly with the Texans’ new-found ability to stop the run, coupled with Aaron Rodgers possibly getting back on track. Bouye is in the final stretch of his contract year. Time to make some folks take notice.


Offense: I don't know. I looooove Will Fuller. Let's say him.

Defense: The secondary. They are awesome, and they are going to cover these receivers well. Rodgers is going to have to curve the bullet and be Aaron Rodgers to make this pass game beach house living.


Offense: *Blindfolds self and randomly picks a name from a list of the Texans offensive players* Duane Brown. The still best player on the Texans’ offensive line does a nice job helping to shut down Nick Perry and the rest of the Packers’ pass rush.

Defense: Quintin Demps. I'll give it to him so long as he doesn't have a game like last week.


Offense: Nobody. Just nobody. Not even worth my brain cells dying off.

Defense: Johnathan Joseph, who is going to be asked to do a lot on Sunday, and he'll do it.

Capt. Ron:

I'm giving both of my balls to the Traveling Texans fans who make the trip to the frozen tundra. They are the true heroes this week.


Offense: Tom Savage. Some active QB on the Texans needs to not turn the ball over, and who better than the guy who won’t get in the game?

Defense: Jadeveon Clowney. Watching him throw San Diego’s tight end around like a rag doll was one of the few highlights from last week. This guy still hasn’t hit his ceiling, and wow is it exciting to watch.


Offense: DeAndre Hopkins. The Packers don’t have anyone who can cover him, and you know Brock Osweiler is going to target him at least ten times.

Defense: Andre Hal. He’s going to notch an interception off a deflection.