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2016 Week 16 Infographic: Houston Texans vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Andy Dalton! What a rotten name!

The Houston Texans, as a team, walked to NRG on Saturday, with their last-minute Christmas shopping done. A few players were singing a Christmas song or two.

But something was bothering Brain Cushing. He couldn't shake the feeling that he had forgotten something. Cushing realized he had forgotten about the game with the Bengals.

I was at that moment that Andy Dalton and A.J. Green jumped out of the fence line.

“Andy Dalton! What a rotten name! We were trapped by the Pride of Katy. There he stood, between us and the stadium. Andy Dalton, staring out at us with his yellow eyes,” said Cushing.

“A.J. Green! Dalton’s crummy little toadie. Mean! Rotten! His lips curled over his green teeth.”

The Texans could take the beating or stand up for themselves.

“Hey, Cushing how would you like a snowball sandwich?” said Green.

“Are you going to cry?” asked Dalton.

It was that moment that Cushing snapped, charging Dalton and Green. “A fuse blew and I had gone out of my skull,” Cushing narrated. Cushing proceeded to beat the living hell out of the Bengals.

Now the graphic: