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2016 Houston Texans Playoff Scenarios: Who Will They Play In The Wild Card Round?

Find out the three possible scenarios that’ll determine who the Texans will play in the first round of the 2016 AFC Playoffs.

Houston Texans v Oakland Raiders
Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

With the Broncos’ loss to the Chiefs last night, your Houston Texans are officially locked into the fourth seed in the AFC Playoffs. Additionally, we know now which six (6) AFC teams have qualified for the postseason; the only open questions are (1) whether the Raiders or Chiefs will win the AFC West, as the second-place team in that division will be one of the wild card squads and (2) which wild card team will snag the fifth seed as opposed to the sixth seed.

To that end, the Texans will play the fifth seed (e.g., the “better” of the two wild card teams). Who will that be? Drew Dougherty has the breakdown of the possible scenarios for you. The Texans’ opponent will be:

KANSAS CITY IF: The Raiders win at Denver OR the Chiefs lose at San Diego.

OAKLAND IF: The Raiders lose at Denver AND the Chiefs win at San Diego.

MIAMI IF: The Dolphins beat New England in Miami AND the Chiefs lose at San Diego.

Given those possibilities and the fact that Derek Carr is out for the season, I suppose the most likely scenario would be the second one, which would see the Raiders coming to NRG Stadium on January 7th or January 8th. Of course, very little has gone according to plan this NFL season, so it’s far from a sure thing.

Which team—Chiefs, Raiders, or Dolphins—would you most like to see the Texans play in the wild card round? Which team would you be least excited to see the Texans face on the first weekend of the 2016 NFL Playoffs?