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Schaubenfreude: The Tennessee Titans’ Season Is Over

The Titans ruined what could have been a beautiful thing. Let’s enjoy their misery.

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

I never hated the Titans until now. I’m not old enough to be an Oilers fan. When that team ran off with their new man/city, I cared about when the new Ninja Turtles movie was going to come out, not whether the Oilers were going to re-brand or not. But, now, after Tennessee ruined the AFC South title game for me by losing to a then two-win Jacksonville team, I hate them with everything I got.

So, whether to find joy in the misery or to add to the revelry, let’s sit here and laugh and laugh and laugh at the Titans being miserable over their inability to force a championship game and being stuck at home while the playoffs go on without them for an eighth straight year. These comments are all from Music City Miracles on Christmas Eve, when the Titans played the Jaguars and the Texans played the Bengals.

The Titans Losing Definitely Happened For A Reason.

Ooooooo, Spicy.


There’s Someone Out There Kind Of Like Me.

Would A Corner Cover If A Corner Could Cover?

Blake Bortles Had A Completion Percentage of 57.9% Entering This Game.

I’m A Jacksonville Titans Fan.

Resilience Is Futile.

Get This Person A Brock Osweiler Jersey.




I Wish Reality Was This Interesting.

You Have To Make The Playoffs First.

LOUD NOISES Win Football Games.

Let Them Hang.

98% Still Isn’t A Success.

Diehard Chris May Need To Titan Up Again.

Kitty Likes To Scratch.

I Could Be An Astronaut.

Go Texans!

I love this website.