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Countdown To Kickoff: Texans-Packers

Cheese and barbecue will be on the menu today as the Texans face the Packers at Lambeau. Discuss the game inside.

Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans
The only Texans QB that interests me even remotely right now. I know I’m not alone.
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

This was always going to be a challenging matchup. The Packers benefit from having one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL today in the form of Aaron Rodgers, while the Texans have Brock Osweiler and Nicholas Cage Tom Savage. Even though A-Rod has struggled mightily this season, even his worst performances haven’t been as cringeworthy as Brock has been at times this season.

On paper, this should be a matchup between two offensive-minded head coaches, in Mike McCarthy and Bill O’Brien. In reality, though both coaches exhibit some boneheaded moves at times during games, it’s hard to argue that OB’s offense when clicking has shown that it can keep pace with McCarthy’s offense when it’s clicking. Neither defense gets much respect outside their respective fanbases and divisions. Dom Capers is regularly raked over the coals (by his own team’s fans) when his defense looks like trash (which it did for several seasons in a row), while Romeo Crennel should be the Texans’ Coach of the Year for overseeing a unit that has to overcome the ineptitude regularly displayed by our offense and special teams.

The Texans have their backs against the wall. A third loss in a row will surely drive some of the fanbase to bleach-drinking and raving in the streets around Kirby, while a victory would help OB get some breathing space and buy a bit more time for Brock to develop into something other than an expensive mistake.

What do you expect to see this afternoon? Are you like me, and just watching to see what RAC’s defense can do against Rodgers? Or are you thinking OB’s offense can take advantage of the fact that sometimes Dom Capers’ defense is hot trash? This is your Countdown to Kickoff, where you can discuss the game, your pre-game routines and refreshments, the climate in Green Bay, the best flavor of cheese (feta above all, y’all), or how you’re flavoring that barbecue.

This thread will remain open until 15 minutes before the game starts, when the 1st quarter thread will open, and this thread will close. Inactives will post roughly 90 minutes before the game starts and will be linked in the comments. Enjoy!