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Final Score/Post Game Recap: Texans 13, Packers 21

Texans fans talk about and react to the team’s sixth loss of the season.

NFL: Houston Texans at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The conditions for today’s game were challenging for both the Texans and Packers. Both offenses struggled because of it. Green Bay’s opening offensive drive went down the entire field before Aaron Rodgers botched the snap and the Texans recovered at their own 2 yard line. The Texans themselves struggled to generate much in the way of offense, with Lamar Miller getting stuffed in the run game before suffering a minor injury that kept him sidelined for large chunks of the game. This wasn’t the only loss that the Texans’ offense suffered, as Braxton Miller left after falling awkwardly on his shoulder. The Packers did eventually strike with Rodgers connecting to Randall Cobb for a nine yard touchdown.

It wouldn’t be until the start of the second half that Houston’s offense would finally wake up with a 10 play, 63 yard drive that was capped off with a six-yard strike from Brock Osweiler to Ryan Griffin. The Texans’ euphoria over tying the game up was short lived after they lost Johnathan Joseph on the next defensive series, which ended with a Jordy Nelson 32 yard touchdown catch to put the Packers ahead again. The Texans could not respond and the Packers finished off the Texans with a three-yard TD run by Andrew Ripkowski, which put the Packers out of reach of the Texans at 21-7. The Texans did manage a consolation score with DeAndre Hopkins breaking free for a 44 yard touchdown, but the Texans were all but done.

There was always the finality of whether the Texans would fall too far behind for the offense to flourish. Again, there was a slim chance that this game might have gone the Texans’ way. Had Charles James not slipped on the Jordy Nelson touchdown, things may have gone differently. Alas, they did not.

There’s been enough words spoken about the ennui that this offense induces. While I was tepid to go this far before now, I feel comfortable now stating that this offense isn’t changing until the offseason. This is what our team is. It’s a really good defense trying to keep its inept little offensive brother from trying to shove a fork into a power socket.

That’s all for now, folks. This is your post-game thread. Feel free to let loose on everything you saw (or that you wished you saw) today in the comments below.