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BRB On SportsRadio 610: Dak Prescott's Exciting Potential As A Developmental QB

Christian Hackenberg isn't the only quarterback who might massively boost his stock during the 2016 NFL Combine. Hear about that and more in this radio spot BRB's Brett Kollmann did on Houston's SportsRadio 610.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

It was my pleasure to join the "Nate and Creight Show" on SportsRadio 610 yesterday to discuss the elephant in the room of the 2016 Texans offseason – who the hell is going to play quarterback next year? The full segment can be heard here, or those of you who are interested. Christian Hackenberg is obviously going to be the main topic of discussion throughout this spring, and that narrative will inevitably be even more intensely debated after scouts and fans get a good look at his physical talent at the NFL Scouting Combine later this month.

Beyond Hackenberg, however, there are still plenty of other quarterback prospects that deserve a thorough examination, including the extremely athletic Dak Prescott out of Mississippi State.  While a project in almost every sense of the word, Prescott possesses just as many – if not more – physical gifts than Tyrod Taylor did coming out of college five years ago. If Prescott finds himself on a team that does not necessarily need him to start right away and is willing to develop him as slowly as Baltimore did with Taylor, there is a fairly good chance that he can be molded into a deadly starting quarterback in this league someday. After all, finding a well-built, experienced, physical mismatch of a quarterback with a cannon for an arm and an uncanny ability to get yards in the clutch isn’t exactly an easy thing to do. In the radio spot with 610, I addressed his immense raw potential among other things, as well as how Prescott’s biggest flaws are ironically nearly identical to Hackenberg’s biggest flaws…but not in the way that you think.

Check it out for yourself, and of course feel free to tell me how wrong and/or insane I am down in the comments below.