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2015 Houston Texans Season Review: Reader's Choice Awards

Yesterday I handed out my imaginary awards. Now it's your turn. Stop on by and vote in Battle Red Blog's Reader Choice Awards.

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I'm happy to hear everyone enjoyed the Season Awards yesterday. It was just one in many posts for this season review. Let's keep the ball rolling with our Reader's Choice Awards. Now it's your turn to vote, and unlike politics, your voice is actually heard here.

Charley Casserly Worst Off-Season Decision:

1.) Signing Vince Wilfork.

2.) Ignoring the Quarterback Position.

3.) Ignoring the Running Back Position.

4.) Cutting Andre Johnson.

Jacoby Jones Award:

1.) The Ex-Texans on the Denver Broncos.

2.) Ryan Fitzpatrick.

3.) Andre Johnson.

4.) Brooks Reed.

Play of the Year:

1.) Jaelen Strong's Hail Mary Reception.

2.) DeAndre Hopkins' Touchdown Catch to Beat Cincinnati.

3.) J.J. Watt's Helmetless Sack.

4.) Cecil Shorts III Touchdown Pass.

Worst Take of the Year:

1.) Brian Hoyer Will be Above Average.

2.) Vince Wilfork Will Fix the Run Defense.

3.) Johnathan Joseph is Bad.

4.) Fire Bill O'Brien.

Folly of the Year:

1.) Knile Davis' Opening Kickoff Return for a Touchdown.

2.) Hoyer's Floater.

3.) J.J. At the Goal Line.

4.) Keeping Arian Foster In Against the Dolphins.

David Carr Throw of the Year:

1.) Hoyer's Floater.

2.) T.J. Yates Overthrowing a Wide Open DeAndre Hopkins against the Jets.

3.) Every Slant Route Ryan Mallett Threw.

4.) Every Screen Pass.

The Petey Faggins Award:

1.) Vince Wilfork.

2.) Ryan Mallett.

3.) Nate Washington.

4.) Garrett Graham/C.J. Fiedorowicz/Ryan Griffin.

Game of the Year:

1.) Week 10: Houston 10, Cincinnati 6.

2.) Week 15: Houston 16, Indianapolis 10.

3.) Wild Card Round: Kansas City 30, Houston 0.

4.) Week 2: Carolina 24, Houston 17.

Gary Kubiak Battle Fighter of the Year:

1.) John Simon.

2.) Cecil Shorts III.

3.) Alfred Blue.

4.) Brian Hoyer.

Hipster Jersey of the Year:

1.) Ryan Mallett.

2.) Jon Weeks.

3.) Cecil Shorts III.

4.) DeAndre Hopkins' Team Irvin,

Rookie of the Year:

1.) Benardrick McKinney.

2.) Kevin Johnson.

3.) Jaelen Strong.

4.) Christian Covington.

Offensive Player of the Year:

1.) Brandon Weeden.

2.) DeAndre Hopkins.

3.) Alfred Blue.

4.) Brandon Brooks.

Defensive Player of the Year:

1.) J.J. Watt.

2.) Whitney Mercilus.

3.) Andre Hal.

4.) Johnathan Joseph.


1.) J.J. Watt.

2.) DeAndre Hopkins.

3.) Whitney Mercilus.

4.) Andre Hal.

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Check back tomorrow for the results.