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2016 NFL Draft Prospects By Position: Safeties

Weaknesses and injuries at the safety position in 2015 resulted in the Texans having to use a cornerback to help out. Let's see how the team can rebuild that roster spot through the draft.

He can't come back. Right? They surely won't bring him back. They can't do this to us.
He can't come back. Right? They surely won't bring him back. They can't do this to us.
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

In 2015, the Houston Texans employed Quintin Demps, Rahim Moore, Kurtis Drummond, Corey Moore, Lonnie Ballentine (though he missed most of the season with an injury) and Eddie Pleasant as safeties. Rahim Moore found himself battling a case of coach's indifference after Week Seven and was inactive for the last ten games the team played. Clearly, that's a free agent acquisition that didn't work out so well. Most fans would agree that we need to see improved play from that position, since Glover Quin is likely not coming back to rescue us.

Therefore, today, we're looking at safeties who are available in the 2016 NFL Draft or as undrafted free agents. Draft Breakdown combines strong safeties and free safeties into a single position, whereas CBS lists free safeties separately from strong safeties.

Ohio State's Vonn Bell is the top-rated strong safety available; CBS projects him to go in the second round. Jalen Ramsey (Florida State) is the top-rated free safety--CBS describes him as " viable option at cornerback, safety or linebacker"-- and projects him to go in the first.

What say ye, Texans fans? Are there any names we should be watching? Anyone you think can help this position group (other than Kareem Jackson, of course)?