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2016 NFL Draft Prospects By Position: Defensive Ends

We're taking a look at defensive ends today to see who might be heading our way via the 2016 NFL Draft to help along the Texans' defensive front.

If he's gone, what do we do opposite Watt?
If he's gone, what do we do opposite Watt?
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The Houston Texans have a Jared Crick-sized hole at defensive end should Crick not return to Kirby. There are some posters who think Crick should be fairly easy to replace.  Others dream of bringing in someone who can truly complement J.J. Watt and take some attention away from Watt so that Watt can wreak even more havoc in opposing team's backfields.

Check out this video from the Eagles site about what scouts are looking for along the defensive line.

We're looking at CBS this morning to see what they have to say about defensive ends. Ohio State's Joey Bosa has drawn Watt comparisons for a while now, even though Bosa has said he thinks the comparison is only made because of their race and size and doesn't see it himself.

"When I watch him, I really don't see myself as much," he said. "The style, the way I play, I feel like I get the comparisons because I'm a big white dude and he's a big white dude playing defensive line. He has a crazy motor, he's a physical freak and, I don't know, I guess I just look at myself different." -- to ESPN

Bosa is the top-rated defensive end in the draft (and on some boards, the top rated prospect overall), but it's unlikely he'll be manning the opposite side at NRG in home colors. Other highly rated defensive ends include Michigan State's Shilique Calhoun and Penn State's Carl Nassib.

NOTE: Because CBS and Draft Breakdown characterize players differently, there will be a total of seven posts about defensive linemen and linebackers.

What do you think? How should we approach this position this draft? Should we approach it at all? Or are you comfortable with Jeoffrey Pagan and Dan Pettinato?