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2016 NFL Draft Prospects By Position: Defensive Line

Draft Breakdown is so not user-friendly. Unlike CBS, they condense positions into a single category, "defensive line," so we're looking at what they think now about who's available in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Pagans need love, too. Jeoffrey's saying don't forget about him.
Pagans need love, too. Jeoffrey's saying don't forget about him.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Even if you're like me and find the "defensive line" category too nondescript, you recognize that the Texans need help along the defensive line. Vince Wilfork won't be able to play forever (nor should he) and Jared Crick may have hung up his battle red, liberty white, and deep steel blue forever. Therefore, we have two-thirds of our defensive line that needs help (and, if J.J. Watt truly meant what he said on Jim Rome, that his body was telling him to slow down, and will no longer play through some things he shouldn't play through, we may need a credible backup for him, too).

Check out this video on the Eagles site about what scouts are looking for along the defensive line.

Draft Breakdown combines the defensive end, defensive tackle, and nose tackle positions into a single category, so we're examining their prospect list separately from CBS. They have paid close attention to Robert Nkemdiche of Ole Miss, who may go as the top defensive lineman in the draft, but his recent behavior may have scared some teams from using their first pick on him. Oregon Duck DeForest Buckner has also gotten a lot of attention.

NOTE: Because CBS and Draft Breakdown characterize players differently, there will be a total of seven posts about defensive linemen and linebackers.

What do you think? Do Nkemdiche's personal issues, whatever they may be, hurt his draft stock? Will Joey Bosa go before him? Bosa's not without his question marks, either. Does it matter? Will you kick something or someone if we spend a high pick on this position?