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2016 NFL Draft: Christian Hackenberg, Undrafted Rookie Free Agent?

I know the Penn State quarterback has his detractors, but one pundit believes Christian Hackenberg shouldn't be drafted in any round, much less the first. Read why on Battle Red Blog.

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Not even a seventh round pick?
Not even a seventh round pick?
Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

According to PFF's Steve Palazzolo, Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg, a player some observers believe your Houston Texans could select as early as the late first round of the 2016 NFL Draft, shouldn't be drafted by the Texans. Or any team. At all. In any round.

After declaring that the 2016 NFL Draft contains eleven (11) draftable QBs, Palazzolo lists six (6) signal-callers he believes are UDFA caliber. Of Hackenberg, he writes:

"Looks the part" is the nicest thing that has been said about Hackenberg the last two seasons, and we’re not really sure how much that’s worth. The on-field play has been subpar by every measure, and most point to 2013 as the glimmer of hope in Hackenberg’s upside. We are in the process of going back to grade every play from that season, but the last two years of evidence that saw him rank among the worst quarterbacks in the country is not encouraging.

By way of comparison, Palazzolo deems Paxton Lynch a second or third round prospect and Connor Cook a player fit to be drafted somewhere between the fourth and seventh rounds. Hackenberg is joined as a potential UDFA by Jacoby Brissett and Dak Prescott, two QBs who some have speculated could be a fit for the Texans as early as the second round or, in Prescott's case, could be comparable to Tyrod Taylor in the right situation.

Thanks to FeedemtotheWolves for alerting me to the article on Twitter. Share your thoughts on the accuracy of Palazzolo's analysis below.