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Christian Hackenberg On Being Drafted By The Houston Texans: "Obviously, It Would Be Awesome To Have Another Opportunity To Play With Coach [Bill O'Brien]"

The quarterback many believe will be a Houston Texan via the 2016 NFL Draft spoke about just that in an interview with Sports Radio 610 in Houston yesterday. Hear what Christian Hackenberg had to say.

Pointing south?
Pointing south?
Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Just one day after Brett Kollmann took to their airwaves to sing the praises of Christian Hackenberg as a franchise quarterback prospect, the afternoon drive-time crew on Sports Radio 610 had an interview with the man himself.

No, not Brett. Christian Hackenberg. But I like where your head is at.

As you'd expect, Hackenberg was asked about the prospect of reuniting with Bill O'Brien in the NFL as a member of your Houston Texans. Hackenberg did an admirable job giving a lengthy, diplomatic, mostly non-responsive answer before getting around to addressing the question he was asked.

"Obviously, it would be awesome to have another opportunity to play with Coach (O’Brien), be reunited with [him], and the whole staff. A lot of [the Texans' coaches] left [Penn State]. A lot of those guys recruited me and built a great relationship up there.  But I think ultimately, the goal for me is making sure that I am the most well-rounded prospect I can be, as prepared as I can be to impress as many teams as I need to and let the cards fall where they may."

You can, and should, listen to Hackenberg's entire interview here. Then, leave your thoughts on what Hackenberg had to say in the space below.