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2016 NFL Mock Draft: Four Rounds' Worth Of Speculation For The Houston Texans

One man made the effort to complete a four-round mock of the 2016 NFL Draft. It was a courageous undertaking, and it's sure to get Texans fans talking, particularly with the QB selection in the second round.

That doesn't look like Christian Hackenberg.
That doesn't look like Christian Hackenberg.
Jeff Gammons/Getty Images's Chad Reuter put virtual pen to virtual paper and has created a four (4!) round mock draft for your review. With it being February 2nd and all, it stands to reason that a lot will change. For now, however, Reuter is not embracing the notion of your Houston Texans drafting a QB in the first round. To wit:

22. Houston Texans: Ezekiel Elliott (RB--Ohio State)

Since there aren't any quarterbacks worth the value of this pick, the Texans take Ezekiel Elliott as they look to replace the 30-year-old Arian Foster, who is coming off a torn Achilles and is due a large salary in 2016.

Elliott's a player many have identified as a possible target for the Texans, so this isn't ground-breaking. Indeed, how you feel about this pick may simply come down to whether you believe it's ever a good idea to draft a running back in the first round.

As his mock moves out of the first round, however, Reuter gets a bit more unconventional, at least as it pertains to the usual players associated with the Texans. He has the Texans taking a QB with their second round pick, but it's not Christian Hackenberg. In fact, Reuter doesn't have Hackenberg going off the board until Pick No. 77, to the Philadelphia Eagles.

With their second round pick, according to Reuter, the Houston Texans take...Jacoby Brissett (QB--North Carolina State).  How does that grab you?

Or what of Reuter assigning Nick Martin (C--Notre Dame) and/or Roberto Aguayo (K--Florida State) to the hometown team in the third and fourth rounds, respectively?  Take to the Comments and enlighten the group with your analysis of this mock draft.