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2016 NFL Draft: Mel Kiper Talking Houston Texans On Conference Call

Mel Kiper held a media conference call this morning, and he dropped some wisdom about the Texans.

Your newest Houston Texan?
Your newest Houston Texan?
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Mel Kiper is still a thing, it's true.  Personally, especially when considering the hair, I think Kiper has a deal with the devil.  But as much fun as we make of him, he's not really that bad.  I mean, it's not like he was one of the analysts, or flat out morons, insisting we MUST TAKE JOHNNY MANZIEL OR WE'LL ALL DIE A TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE DEATH.  Man, that was a fun fisk.

Getting back to the task at hand as I can verbally hear Tim tsking me, Mel Kiper was on a media conference call today!  And he said stuff about the Texans!  There's no transcript, so consider everything below to be paraphrased, and voice it over with Howard the Duck.

  • 2:25 (On the Texans going QB): Paxton Lynch and Christian Hackenburg, former BOB QB.  Hack not a 1st round, but you may take him here.  Lynch's Pro Day and Combine important.  Ezekiel Elliott also a strong possibility here.
  • 12:00 (On Connor Cook's stock falling): Accuracy issues.  Leadership questions, interviews important.  Kiper has a 2nd round grade on him.  No Senior Bowl hurt his stock.  Lynch went, and it helps his stock.
  • 13:15 (On late 1st round QBs, Jets, Texans, etc.): Who do you feel is a good QB?  Not out of the question a good QB taken here.  Lynch.  Only team to consider Hack there would be Texans.
  • 32:00 (On mobile QBs in this year's draft): Cardale Jones very interesting, big, strong, fast.  Vernon Adams from Oregon.  Dak Prescott from Miss. St.  Wentz very mobile.  Lynch, too.  Cook and Hack are the only two true pocket QBs.
  • 51:30 (On decline of Texas players drafted due to spread in high school football): It could.  Baylor has had good linemen come out on the offensive line.  Hassan Ridgeway a potentially high pick.  Thinks it's more hit or miss.  Didn't really answer the question.
  • 56:55 (On Paxton Lynch): Will change stock with a strong combine and pro day.  Wentz, Goff compete for the top spot.  Lynch needs to get coached up from "thrower to pitcher," but he struggled against good competition.  Could get to Rams, Texans, or Cardinals in the first round with a good day.
  • 1:07:00 (On whether Todd Gurley's good year impacts Elliott):  Kiper says no RBs in the first.  Elliott doesn't have the same potential as Gurley.

So, there's Kiper's Texans-centric thoughts he discussed during his media availability today.  After hearing/seeing what Kiper said, anybody having second thoughts about who the Texans should take 1.22?