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Agent: Andre Johnson Not Retiring Despite Reports Of Impending Release From Colts

Amidst reports that the Indianapolis Colts will cut him, Andre Johnson's agent claims that his client intends to play in 2016. Texans fans discuss.

Done in Indy, but not done?
Done in Indy, but not done?
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Safe to say that Andre Johnson's 2015 season didn't go the way he hoped. After the only team he'd ever played for cut him a little less than a year ago, 'Dre signed with the Indianapolis Colts, reportedly turning down more money elsewhere because of the allure of finally playing with a truly special quarterback.

41 catches, 503 yards, and yet another postseason spent watching at home later, Andre Johnson is expected to soon find himself back on the free agent market. The fairy tale ending he wanted in Indianapolis isn't going to happen. Given the drop in production and the fact that he'll be 35 years old when training camp starts, it's fair to wonder whether 'Dre will choose to hang 'em up. Ian Rapoport stated as much earlier this morning.

Andre Johnson's agent, however, says his client hasn't even pondered the idea of walking away from the game.

It remains to be seen whether there's a market for 'Dre; I'm guessing there would be, but it'd have to be at the veteran's minimum or close to it. Even at that salary, the chances of Andre Johnson playing another snap in a Texans uniform have to be considered virtually nil.

Regardless, whether it happens this offseason or in the near future, here's hoping Andre Johnson's career ends where it should--in Houston, on a one-day contract, so the greatest (or second-greatest, depending on whether you believe J.J. Watt has already laid claim to the title) player in franchise history can go out in the city he made his name, among the fans that cheered him for twelve seasons.