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Philadelphia Eagles Cut DeMeco Ryans

The former Houston Texans great is now looking for work. Although he spent the last several seasons as an Eagle, Texans fans reminisce on Battle Red Blog.

Cap'n 'Meco is an Eagle no more.
Cap'n 'Meco is an Eagle no more.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

DeMeco Ryans hasn't been a Texan since the team traded him to Philadelphia on March 20, 2012. In analyzing the trade a week later, Rivers McCown rightfully concluded:

It sucks, as a fan. It just sucks. But this is still a good football move given the circumstances.

Today, Eagles fans may be feeling much the same way we did almost four years ago.

Our colleagues at Bleeding Green Nation bid farewell to the man Texans fans affectionately called "Cap'n 'Meco" in this post. While reading their reactions, I discovered Cap'n 'Meco had a different yet entirely fitting nickname in Philly.

The decision to release Ryans might not have been so easy from an emotional perspective. Ryans has been a team leader on defense since arriving in Philadelphia in 2012. He's affectionately called "Mufasa" by his teammates. Ryans was also the Eagles' primary NFLPA representative. He'll be missed in the locker room.

It'll be interesting to see if Ryans catches on with another team or if he decides he's had enough. Whether his playing career is over or not, I'll continue to remember him as one of my favorite Texans of all-time.