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The Film Room: Jaylon Smith vs. Reggie Ragland--Where Do They Fit?

The Texans might not have an obvious or immediate need at inside linebacker right now, but the long-term outlook at this position group could force Rick Smith and Bill O'Brien to take a hard look at some of 2016's top defenders.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Linebackers and defensive linemen are landing by the dozens in Indianapolis today to check in for the 2016 NFL Combine. Two of the most prominent members of that group, Notre Dame’s Jaylon Smith and Alabama’s Reggie Ragland, are expected to go off the board early in the first round to linebacker-needy teams. The only question, of course, is HOW early? Take a look and find out.  I apologize in advance to any Crimson Tide fans in the room.

For what it's worth, Jaylon Smith (assuming his long-term health and durability are not compromised) graded out on my 100 point scale at an 82, which is exactly the same grade as similarly injured superstar Todd Gurley from last year. Reggie Ragland, meanwhile, graded exactly the same as current Texans ILB Benardrick McKinney at 72, though that grade could go up or down by a few points depending on his Combine results this weekend.

What do you think of these two All-Americans, BRB? Would you take either one of them at 22nd overall if the opportunity presented itself?