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Saturday Night's Alright For Commenting: February 27, 2016

It's a Saturday night during the NFL offseason, so you know what that means. Time to S.N.O.T. on Battle Red Blog.

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Let's talk about quarterbacks that I will never draft.
Let's talk about quarterbacks that I will never draft.
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Ohhhh it's SNOT number six? Of one million that we will go through until football season starts again? SNOT of course is when BRBers gather around the metaphorical campfire known as the internet and chat about whatever, as long as it doesn't break the community guidelines. So no Trump talk.

Like a camp counselor, I'll start things off as we all gather around. How scared you are of the Texas Rangers? How miserable you are going to feel when the Astros lose another AL West Championship to them? Do you wish the Astros never moved to the AL?  What pain will you feel when Yu Darvish throws a perfect game in Houston? Do you find Prince Fielder's belly charming? Why is this the coolest Spring Training hat ever made? How come tanking is an ethical issue but nobody cared when the Astros did it? How rare is it for a team to be contending and have one of the best farm systems in baseball like the Texas Rangers? Why is Jon Daniels such a gosh durn genius? How cool is it that the Angels are paying for Josh Hamilton to play 30 games this year?

Thank you again for making BRB the thing that it is.  Enjoy your Saturday Night with us below.