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Jaelen Strong Arrested In Arizona For Marijuana Possession

Just when Jaelen Strong seems to be taking one step forward, he takes three steps back.

This is the face of a man who knows he blew it.
This is the face of a man who knows he blew it.

Houston Texans second year wide receiver Jaelen Strong was arrested late last night in Scottsdale, Arizona for marijuana possession, per the local ABC affiliate in Phoenix.

From the full story:

"Jaelen Strong, who played for Arizona State University, was arrested Sunday before midnight while riding in a black Maserati near 5th Avenue and Drinkwater Boulevard.

Officers stopped the car for having no visible license plates and found Damarious Randall, a Green Bay Packers cornerback and former ASU player, driving the car. Strong and another passenger were inside.

A heavy smell of marijuana was coming from inside the car and Strong admitted to having marijuana without a medical card. He gave police a cigar box with three marijuana cigarettes inside."

In case you hadn’t noticed, Bob McNair and Rick Smith do not take too kindly to drug use on their team. The Texans already made that point abundantly clear when they released Sam Montgomery, Cierre Wood, and Willie Jefferson in the middle of their rookie seasons in 2013.

Strong of course showed himself to be a bit more of a contributor than those three knuckleheads, but it will still be interesting to see how the team responds to yet another young player smokin’ the reefer.

We will update this story with any new relevant information as it comes in.