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J.J. Watt Defends Cam Newton During Twitter Q&A Session

Houston Texans megastar J.J. Watt touched on a bit of everything last night as he was bombarded by questions from fans, including his opinion on an NFL franchise in London, Cam Newton's critics, and the anger-inducing events in Netflix's "Making a Murderer".

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

A sampling of what J.J. Watt had to say in response to several questions that were posed to him on Twitter yesterday...

Q: Are naps still a thing in the offseason?

Q: Do you think Peyton Manning will retire after this season?

Q: Do you like having social media to connect with fans?

Q: Any thoughts on the possibility of a UK-based franchise in the NFL? Would the players want to play/live in London all year?

Q: Favorite beer?

Q: Do you like your bearded look better than being clean shaven?

Q: If you could form a dodgeball team with three other people, who would they be and what would your team be named?

Q: Have you watched "Making a Murderer"? If so, can you help get Steve Avery out of jail since you have pull in Wisconsin?

Q: As a Colts fan, I despise you two weeks a year. The other 14 weeks I root for you to succeed. Tons of respect from Indy.

Q: Should people be upset by Cam Newton's touchdown celebrations?

Dance on, J.J., you beautiful bearded beast. Dance on.