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National Signing Day 2016: J.J. Watt Congratulates Houston Cougar Commits

He may not have gone to the University of Houston, but the Texans' All-Galaxy defensive end has no problem putting on for his city.

Supporting the local boys, Wisconsin roots be damned.
Supporting the local boys, Wisconsin roots be damned.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you who don't follow college football, please be advised that today is a monumental date on the NCAA Football calendar. It's National Signing Day. While bringing in a great recruiting class is no guarantee of future success on the football field, it's fair to generally state that successful signing days often result in programs winning games.

Although my fealty rests with a certain school based in Austin, I readily admit that what Tom Herman has already done, and continues to do, with "the hometown college football team of the fourth-largest city in America" is quite impressive. The Coogs had a big day at the office on this final date of the 2016 recruiting cycle, and their irrefutable accomplishment is even more profound when you consider their place outside the so-called "Power Five" conferences.

To get kids to buy in at UH, Tom Herman is doing everything in his power to use every advantage at his disposal.  One such advantage is that the City of Houston happens to be home to the best football player in the world, so naturally Herman reached out to J.J. Watt.  Of course, J.J. Watt delivered.

Kudos to J.J. for putting his Wisconsin roots aside and taking the time to help make the day even more special for the high school seniors who pledged to continue their football careers at the University of Houston. #HTownTakeover indeed.