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Johnny Manziel, Future Houston Texan? Not Anymore!

Earlier this week, I had the idea to actively promote JFF as a Houston Texan. Things have changed over the past couple days.

JFF: Wasted talent.
JFF: Wasted talent.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

On our January 26th Battle Red Radio podcast, both Big Matt and I professed our willingness to bring in Johnny Manziel (a/k/a JFF) for a look-see.   There's no doubt JFF has physical talent, but he needs a ton of work with his mechanics and far more between his ears.

In addition, JFF doesn't turn 24 until December, deep into the 2016 season.  While I know the rest of you were angels at 21 and 22 years old, I wasn't.  I was in college hosting huge keg parties, making bad decisions, and, well, all sorts of things that are now surely cleared by their respective statutes of limitations.  Point being, there's a reason your car insurance is so expensive until you're 25; while you might be an adult, your brain does not fully mature until age 25.  Thus, if somebody in their early twenties is making bad decisions (but not too bad!), I can be a bit forgiving.

However, since the podcast and since I had the idea for this post early this week, things have changed markedly for the worse for JFF.  First, there was the report that JFF assaulted his now ex-girlfriend (Pro Tip: Guys, it's not at all cool to hit a woman.).  Then, not only did he allegedly assault her, but he also threatened her with "shut up or I'll kill us both." Today, JFF's agent, Erik Burkhardt, dropped Manziel as a client, something that's rare in the sports world.

Clearly at this point, Uncle Bob will have nothing to do with JFF unless his act gets cleaned up and this is verified.  At this stage, I can't imagine any NFL team wanting to play with the unpinned grenade known as Johnny Football.

Does anybody out in Commentland think JFF is suiting up for an NFL team in 2016?  Drop your thoughts in the comments below.  Also, I think Huggy could use a hug.