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NFL Honors 2016: Will J.J. Watt Win His Third NFL Defensive Player Of The Year Award Tonight?

He better, or Houston Texans fans will be rather miffed. Find out how to watch the NFL's annual awards show on Battle Red Blog.

Maybe a better look in '16, J.J.?
Maybe a better look in '16, J.J.?
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL's version of the Oscars comes to your living room tonight, complete with a horrible red carpet show before the ceremony. Normally, I'd eschew paying the slightest bit of attention to the manufactured festivities, but your Houston Texans have a certain individual up for a certain award that merits our attention.

J.J. Watt has already been named Defensive Player of the Year by the Sporting News and by the Pro Football Writers of America for his performance during the 2015 season. He should be a lock to win his third Associated Press Defensive Player of the Year award tonight, but it's possible voter fatigue rears its ignorant head after Watt won for what he did in 2012 and 2014. It happened to Michael Jordan in the NBA MVP race, so it can certainly happen to J.J. Watt in the NFL DPOY race.

I am admittedly chock full of bias on the topic of whether J.J. should walk away with yet another trophy this evening; indeed, I'm still hacked off he didn't win NFL MVP last year. Expect a rousing post one way or the other after the award is announced tonight.

Here's everything you need to know about "NFL Honors" this evening:

Date: Saturday, February 6, 2016.
Time: 8 pm CST.
Location: Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (San Francisco, California).
Host: Conan O'Brien.
TV Channel: CBS.
Full List of Awards Presented:

AP Most Valuable Player

Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year

AP Coach of the Year

AP Comeback Player of the Year

AP Offensive Player of the Year

AP Defensive Player of the Year

AP Offensive Rookie of the Year

AP Defensive Rookie of the Year

Play of the Year

FedEx Air & Ground Players of the Year Fantasy Player of the Year

Courtyard’s Greatness on the Road Award

Salute To Service Award

Rooney Sportsmanship Award

Deacon Jones Award

Clutch Performer of the Year

An open thread for you to talk about the show as it airs and who won what will post at 7:45 p.m. CST. Until then, make your case for or against J.J. Watt as 2015 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, as well as any other thoughts on who should win various honors, below.