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J.J. Watt On His Groin Injury: "It Is Not Good Down There Right Now"

Watt: "There was more wrong than we thought."

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

J.J. Watt has been making the media rounds this Super Bowl week with appearances on ESPN, NFL Network, "The Rich Eisen Show," and now perhaps the finest sports-centric podcast of them all, "The Dan Patrick Show." The show’s official YouTube channel was nice enough to post the full 20 minute segment for us to enjoy, and it’s a doozy.

In the video above, Watt talks about everything from his Hard Knocks experience, to his less-than-flattering scouting reports from the 2011 NFL Draft, to the noticeable flip in public perception about his image since he achieved superstar status. Watt also took a moment to discuss his recent groin injury, which was apparently a much bigger deal than we initially realized.

"I had both sides done. I had a lot done. I actually have six incisions, so yeah, there’s a lot going on down there. It’s not good down there right now, Dan. It is not good."

"It ended up being more extensive than we planned originally. There was more wrong than we thought, but I have great people taking care of me and they’re doing a really good job."

While Watt was in northern California, he was also kind enough to stop in and say hi to our own SB Nation crew on Radio Row, where his impressive knowledge of Full House was put to the test.

With any luck we will get to see more of J.J. this weekend as he accepts his third Defensive Player of the Year trophy in the last four seasons, a feat which has never been accomplished in the history of the NFL. Tune in to NFL Honors tonight at 8:00 PM CT on CBS to see if our boy brings home the hardware.